Monday, June 4, 2012


Every tribe has its bribe that it uses to get others to join. Some use praise and others use coins, cash and pizazz. You know, the prestige that comes from being in league (and aligned) with others. Consider, for example, sororities and fraternity brothers. They promise camaraderie but often commit robbery emotionally speaking, provided we have something worth seeking. If so, others court until we comply, consenting to join their peculiar tribe. Yet there are a few who refuse to glue themselves so. Conventionally speaking, others call them mavericks because they resist gathering when the bell rings or the Piper sings his fabled tune. They choose to sit instead in solitude. The strength it requires can’t be acquired otherwise; though, conventionally speaking, there is strength in numbers but only if the tribe is comprised of others who are strong within themselves. If not, tribes merely hide their inadequacy and their lack of courage to be apart from a group that hollers and whoops about its bond.

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