Thursday, May 31, 2012


In constantly looking abroad we continuously rob ourselves of our opportunity for success. Technology makes it easy and fear makes us queasy when we consider the tests we must face and the fears we must chase in order to succeed. But everyone who is anyone had to turn within before doing the deed that brought them success. Still, so many people would rather look than labor, changing their behavior accordingly. In doing so, they exaggerate greatness and inflate their weakness until they can't imagine themselves accomplishing similarly. No wonder greatness our contemporary fascination with celebrity. Yet there are those whose goals are too important to be neglected. So, they watch these rather than being infected with celebrity fascination. Eventually, Destiny will bring them to their station provided they maintain their stamina. If so, they will increase their status, becoming the latest source of fascination, enjoying the fearful's adoration.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We crave success as a way to invest ourselves with more value because apart from it we are seldom hallowed. Instead others merely see our shell, and secretly wonder why we aren't doing so well. So success becomes the solution to dispel the illusion that our lives are impoverished and deprived. Yet unless we embrace our essence it doesn't matter how much are our investments. What matters most is the way we host and hallow ourselves despite the expense of our wares.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Don't be so stiff; success isn't a myth. You must become instead light and lilt because your gift will now grant you room, enabling you to bloom and flower. Stop therefore being so sour. You must understand that Life has plans for you. Otherwise you would not have been trained and compelled to pursue. Yet there is a time for every soul to soar. This time is here if you simply relax and let me oar your life because this is what Destiny does to those who prize its presence and embrace its guidance. So, again I say relax and resist failure's attack. The time has now come and all things will be done according to plan.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Heroes amaze when they emerge because they are willing to act on what has occurred. While others ponder and their hearts palpitate, heroes are bold and willingly embrace the uncertain act that pushes defeat back where it belongs. Some people give themselves to this daily, especially those in the military. Without their efforts our endeavors would be profoundly constricted.

Friday, May 25, 2012


If we want a new beginning we must stop pretending and start changing. That means setting goals and rejecting guile because it only estranges us from ourselves. Real change begins when we are self-aware and sincerely devoted to our motives. It also requires us to be mindful of our means. Else we will change things that should remain. That's what's so strange about change. In making it we sometimes un-do the glue that binds our soul.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Every step seems insignificant when we envision greatness for ourselves. Tis then that of time and space we become most aware, especially when others seem to be succeeding. We meanwhile are desperately seeking the avenue that leads to its true path. We do so because don't realize that paths and paces are meant to be different. Thus no step is insignificant when we take it because it takes us a little closer to our dreams, even when it seems not to. That's why both our trust and commitment must be true. Else time will deceive and space will spoil, declaring as futile our labor and toil.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


When the week ends where do you aim, toward your dreams or towards things that distract? Can you have fun without losing your focus? Success requires us to be ambidextrous. Else we will be careless instead, defeated by fun.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Despite our passion it takes time to fashion the life we imagine, provided we are willing to imagine even as we are building what we envision. If so, we must deliberately maintain a high degree of willing, especially when we are reeling from failure and rejection, disappointment and misdirection. Tis then that we must believe that what we conceive is within our reach, and is also our right. So many people, however, lose sight of what they seek because they don't see how it can be. So, they become cynical and inimical to their own interests. If winners did this they wouldn't know the bliss that winning brings. Sustaining ourselves isn't easy but if we don't we will be cheated out of what we desire and deserve. Failure in this regard is a failure of nerve because it takes courage to be when we can't see our way out.

Friday, May 18, 2012

So much of our time is spent envisioning how it feels to be winning at levels that change the treble in our voice and the reduces the trouble in our lives, even though winning brings its own troubles. Yet losing is excluded as long as we are rooted in ourselves and an understanding of what really matters. If so, then we don't have to envision but rather employ the discipline that it takes to achieve. Yet so many of us lack it or so we say. But how much time do we so spend spying the success of others? If we took this time and realigned our efforts and changed our methods we would be enamored by ourselves.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No's are inevitable when our goals are incredible.

When things get hard most people discard their dreams. Then they blame necessity for not possessing these. But if neccessity were sovereign we would be crawling continually before circumstances, forfeiting what we envision. Success in this regard is all about willing, toughing it out until life takes on the tenor that makes us winners. It isn't easy but it is pleasing when we accomplish accordingly. Yet most people refuse to be admonished wholeheartedly.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Who do you thank for being in your becoming?

How do you celebrate what you've done when you know that you are far from done? I mean, I know we should take time to recover from the run, metaphorically speaking. But how do you rejoice when you know you still aren't peaking but pecking instead at what lies ahead? Why do some souls seem so old that they hold the future in their hands as if it is present? Thus what detains others is for them no deterrent. That's what I wonder as I have pushed through the summer of life. Now, however, it's fall and I'm ready to haul it all in. If I had my mother I would be less intense, slightly at least. Yet I'm intent on being the best despite the demand success requires.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Borrowed laurels seldom last.

Have you decided not to be chided away from your dream no matter how hard it is or how hot the steam? Can your devotion endure the motions and mishaps that comes from walking the path? After the excitement fades are you still willing to wade beyond yourself into depths you've never been? If so, success will eventually call you "friend." Until then, reject fear and embrace cheer because each act brings you near to what will ultimately endear your heart and endow your soul with a satiety you can hardly hold.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


We dream big yet often fall hard. But if we are committed we disregard the bruises we encounter and the ways we flounder in route to achieve our dreams. Many, unfortunately, can't do the same thing. They can, but they won't because they are too caught in what others think. So, they live lives that steadily shrink, so much until they shriek at its size, which is something real dreamers recognize. So, they keep falling and crawling until they are hauling themselves to the crest of success. Here they look back, and occasionally down; never, though, at others who couldn't make it off the ground. On the contrary, they are too compassionate to gloat and too humane not to hope that others too will some-day make it.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


If what you want doesn't haunt then you probably won't have it, because it often takes so long to grab it. Thus most people tire rather than going beyond the ire of circumstances. Success for these is just a tease that tingles rather than making them tenacious. Superficially, however, they seem ambitious. But if they truly were they wouldn't care how long it took for them to hook their desire. That's what they don't understand about success or greatness. That's also why they avoid the risks that winners are taking daily. They want guarantees before they begin that they will win. Yet if guarantees could be given life wouldn't be worth living. Neither would there be prestige in wearing the ribbon that denotes success. So, if you want it you must be willing to be haunted until you have it in your hand. Yet you must first have it in your heart to achieve. Otherwise, you will leave life without experiencing just how nice success feels and greatness is.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


It's hard not to worry when your eyes get all teary because time is tearing at your soul. This is also usually the first sign that you're getting old. Yet you keep lasting because of your passion to achieve what you conceived in your soul. Still despite your pursuits your dream continues to elude your grasp. What do you do then, keep pursuing or let it pass and pout because it flouts your best efforts? Unfortunately, the answer to this is personal because no one can do our choosing for us. In this regard, succes requires infinite trust, especially when the path twists and you continually miss seizing the thing that is most pleasing to your soul. Only those who are committed will continue to be bold, indifferent to their age, the stage, and the inevitability of growing old. Sooner than later they will be greater than they imagine. It's all about pursuit and maintaining your passion!

Friday, May 4, 2012


It's hard to be defended when our supply is endless. While others run out we go on doing what we can, placing a demand on the Spirit that guides our hands, whatever our peculiar craft. Thus we do in whole what others do in half, causing them to question our path. Yet while they question we maintain the direction in which Destiny points and where desire enjoins to sustain our efforts. (What others consider our best, we know instinctively that we could've done better). In refusing to be average we inevitably gain the advantage over those who mis-manage their time, and who are also the first to whine about their outcast state. Until they change, however, they will never become great or even as good as they desire. Be wise therefore and guard your fire!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


There is a sorrow that can't be borrowed but is born in the soul of the person that is the source of the hurting that they feel. Others say "it's all in their heads." But to them the pain is profoundly real. Their immediate instinct is to reach out, to find a way out of their anguish. Yet to be relieved prenaturely would only cause danger, because certain souls must hurt before they learn their girth and goals. Pain in this regard plays an instructive role. For most people pain is a sign to stop and whine about just how unfair life is. But those with the proper sense see it as a gift that Destiny gives, and it becomes in fact the foundation for how they live. Characteristically, they are passionate and compassionate, authentic and inventive in their words, if not their ways. Their circle is usually small because not all have the gall to embrace their words. Those that do will learn to eschew excuses, abuses and uncritical uses of reason, seeking instead to do what is right and pleasing in promoting others healing.