Saturday, February 16, 2013


     Greatness is exhausting. So it's normal to get discouraged when days fail to deliver what we envision for ourselves. Then more than ever we are tempted to resign our pursuit. In doing so, however, we are allowing inevitable delays and dilemmas to bring our passion to a simmer rather than keeping it inflamed. That's why it's important for us to gain the right perspective regarding our endeavors. Unfortunately, however, most people under-estimate just what it takes to be great.
     They routinely assume talent to be sufficient, at least until they discover that it isn't. Success at acheiving greatness also demands that we monitor our attitude. In this regard, we must be willing to fail repeatedly without being defeated or becoming indifferent toward our dreams. That's one of the things winners do that others don't. Others tend to focus exclusively on outcomes. They fail to develop the insight necessary for greatness. Outcomes matter but they are routinely contrary to what we envision for ourselves. Thus, we should strive to control our attitudes when we can't control our outcomes. If we focus on doing this, outcomes will change inevitably as we adjust accordingly to practical demands.
     If we want to garner greatness we must make acommitment to ourselves to manage our attitude. In doing so, we are creating a climate of greatness for ourselves. Moreover, we must find joy in the moment by occasionally stepping away from our efforts to appreciate other aspects of our lives. We must use undesirable outcomes to deepen our insight on into ourselves, our circumstances and what we truly envision. In doing so, we will find ourselves refreshed, empowered and better able to garner greatness!