Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Success and patience are partners.

The "chance of a lifetime" often comes in moments, yet without the magic we imagine. But this doesn't mean that moments don't matter. They do, we just have to get better at managing these. We do so by honoring our tasks and developing our talents, though these are crude and undeveloped. What matters, however, is our commitment. If we stay committed, we eventually develop our endowments. Unfortunately, however, most people are too impatient with themselves. So, they look for magic rather than honor moments as they pass. Others want a guarantee that they will succeed before they began. Both groups fail because they aren't willing to sail unconcerned, trusting themselves to the unseen, which is the source of all success.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hiking requires hubris occasionally to end successfully.

How much space separates you from your place? Have you measured or are you maligned and disinclined to consider? If so, circumstances will conspire to convince you that your desire is impossible. To this claim, however, you should be hostile.