Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stepping into Greatness

Our lives are too large to be scarred by failure indefinitely.
 Greatness demands a commitment so authentic that most of us fear making it. So we accept less than we desire only to admire those whose commitment is authentic. This doesn’t mean everyone begins with greatness in mind. But it does mean that greatness is ingrained in our souls and native to ourselves. Unfortunately, however, most of us weren’t raised in climates wherein greatness was a requirement. Even so, we can still commit to its achievement rather than being cheated by circumstances.
In the Beginning
          The first step is to step outside what we believe is possible for ourselves. We do this by developing a vision that inspires a discipline to do what we routinely avoid. In this regard, discipline isn’t a choice. We all have it and employ it daily. What matters, however, is its direction. If we can work 40 hours a week, we can do likewise when what we seek is worth having. We know its worth instinctively but are discouraged continually by the time it will take to realize our dreams. So we realize schemes that keep us distracted instead. Greatness, however, requires us to use our discipline towards our dreams despite delays and distractions. If we can do this we assist ourselves greatly.
Stepping in to Greatness
          The second step to achieving greatness is to stop seeking guarantees because these grieve when greatness fails. Moreover, if guarantees were possible we would wrestle until we wrested greatness. Hence the importance of planning, patience and perseverance. These offer the only guarantees possible. Everything else is radically contingent however we spin it. This thought should thrill rather than chill. It thrills when we maintain our zeal by respecting ourselves enough to give our all though we fall repeatedly. This respect often resembles insanity. Yet we must be missing a few screws to be enthused when reasons lack and results indict our efforts.
Dessert Time!
          The final step to achieving greatness requires us to embrace our worthiness. In fact, we must develop a sense of entitlement to survive the entanglements we encounter in route. This sense of dessert is underwritten by work. We do this work independent of circumstances. Too many of us enthrone circumstances. Yet we readily cite the resolve of others despite circumstances. Our references indict unless we excite ourselves similarly by deeming ourselves as worthy. These simple steps can help us step closer to greatness.