Sunday, May 6, 2012


If what you want doesn't haunt then you probably won't have it, because it often takes so long to grab it. Thus most people tire rather than going beyond the ire of circumstances. Success for these is just a tease that tingles rather than making them tenacious. Superficially, however, they seem ambitious. But if they truly were they wouldn't care how long it took for them to hook their desire. That's what they don't understand about success or greatness. That's also why they avoid the risks that winners are taking daily. They want guarantees before they begin that they will win. Yet if guarantees could be given life wouldn't be worth living. Neither would there be prestige in wearing the ribbon that denotes success. So, if you want it you must be willing to be haunted until you have it in your hand. Yet you must first have it in your heart to achieve. Otherwise, you will leave life without experiencing just how nice success feels and greatness is.


  1. Really got me thinking!! Love this too :)

  2. just passing the time and trying to unwind my thoughts....lest I be caught inextricably....