Thursday, May 3, 2012


There is a sorrow that can't be borrowed but is born in the soul of the person that is the source of the hurting that they feel. Others say "it's all in their heads." But to them the pain is profoundly real. Their immediate instinct is to reach out, to find a way out of their anguish. Yet to be relieved prenaturely would only cause danger, because certain souls must hurt before they learn their girth and goals. Pain in this regard plays an instructive role. For most people pain is a sign to stop and whine about just how unfair life is. But those with the proper sense see it as a gift that Destiny gives, and it becomes in fact the foundation for how they live. Characteristically, they are passionate and compassionate, authentic and inventive in their words, if not their ways. Their circle is usually small because not all have the gall to embrace their words. Those that do will learn to eschew excuses, abuses and uncritical uses of reason, seeking instead to do what is right and pleasing in promoting others healing.

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