Friday, April 27, 2012


I be tripping off of people who be tripping off of people because they often imagine themselves to be unequal (or unable) to sit at the table where success is served and greatness has the nerve to place itself. Still, most people would rather clap and clamor over the "stars" because they won't cut the bars that keeps them from reaching their dreams. I understand because I used to do the same thing. But I'm too committed in believing I can get it that I don't have time to admire because I know that I'm destined for higher. That's what I've always tried to convey to my students, to challenge them to be more rooted in themselves. How else do they think Kanye, Lil Wayne and every other name made it to the hall of fame. The same goes for those who aren't caught in the throes of rap with all of its rumors of secret consumers of secret societies. The requirements remain the same. The recipe is the law of reciprocity. Sow diligence and you will reap excellence, eventually.

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