Saturday, May 5, 2012


It's hard not to worry when your eyes get all teary because time is tearing at your soul. This is also usually the first sign that you're getting old. Yet you keep lasting because of your passion to achieve what you conceived in your soul. Still despite your pursuits your dream continues to elude your grasp. What do you do then, keep pursuing or let it pass and pout because it flouts your best efforts? Unfortunately, the answer to this is personal because no one can do our choosing for us. In this regard, succes requires infinite trust, especially when the path twists and you continually miss seizing the thing that is most pleasing to your soul. Only those who are committed will continue to be bold, indifferent to their age, the stage, and the inevitability of growing old. Sooner than later they will be greater than they imagine. It's all about pursuit and maintaining your passion!

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