Thursday, June 28, 2012


It’s such an oddity how we’ve made life a commodity to be bought and sold, salvaged and ravaged until we have extracted all that is vital and essential to its possibilities and potential. While some people debate abortion, others argue that portion which depicts people as something less than equal to or made in God’s image. They see life instead as a sort of pyramid where those at the top have power to stop its evolution through whatever solutions they deem desirable. Of these remedies, most aren’t final but they are routinely fatal to natal as well as to the able –those whose potential has yet to become fertile based on contemporary definitions. So souls are traded on world markets even as economists refuse to hearken to the notion of life’s sanctity. What matters is its profitability. If this element is missing, then buyers go fishing for lives that they deem more prize-worthy. Thus it isn’t enough to be human. We must also be liquid instead, capable of becoming capital in the service of those who head contemporary systems. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, politically or economically speaking. What heads want to know is their prospects of reaping a profit off it. Realists attribute this manner to the nature of society. Moralists, in contrast, decry human depravity. Meanwhile souls are bought, sold and aborted all in the name of the need to make a profit. This calculus catalyzes efforts to erode the equitable distribution of basic necessities. Otherwise we wouldn’t despise the poor and coddle the wealthy. Yet the last warfare will be between classes, guided by the peculiar glasses through which they see life, whether Marxist, Socialist or the strivings of the Zeitgeist.


  1. You deff have a way with words.. love this

  2. Thanks. Meg...I appreciate u more than u know. It's amazing how big (and fast) J is growing --you are doing an exceptional job!