Saturday, June 16, 2012


There are several things greater than greatness; yet what do we do while we are waiting for these to flower and for our realization of these? This question determines what breeze blows in our lives. Love for some is all there is. But what good is love if our best we don't give which, characteristically, is a form of greatness. Others exalt forgiveness and the willingness to overlook faults. But such sympathy and compassion must inevitably be taught. Thus those who are capable of teaching and practicing have achieved some degree of mastery, which can also be called greatness. Peace is the prize that the pacifist eyes; yet even peace is the release of faults and shows a regard for love, which only the greatest are capable of. So, the question still remains, namely, what do we do to entertain ourselves other than watching others climb the stairs that lead to greatness. Besides, the age is bathed (and disengaged) from itself. Thus it requires ordinary people to rise to the level that would improve several of our systems whether they are atheist or embrace religion. What matters is their ability to effect change and rearrange broken bonds so that society ceases to swim in a polluted pond. This service true greatness provides. It has nothing to do with living high on the hog or being immune to the fog that clouds the vision of others. Service is yet the signet that posterity will eventually discover as the defining feature of a life of achievement.


  1. Reading this took me back in time to recall a quote I heard 40 years ago, "like a child, like a flower, which ever way the breeze blows, the head turns, attention lies there but for a moment, until the next breeze." I guess the same can be said for which ever way the sun shines...

    Appreciate your thoughts and your words and your mighty dream Joel.