Thursday, June 28, 2012


Our lives seem charmed when circumstances change. Then we cease feeling estranged from our dreams and everything else that we esteem whether or not our deeds astound. On the contrary, something about progress and the feeling of success brings us to a rest within ourselves. Rest profoundly fulfils if it has taken us years just to get us here where we are today, especially when so many others fainted along the way. That’s what we don’t always understand about the journey. That’s also why we are apt to abandon our dreams when things are continuously turning against us. Yet during these times we must bind ourselves to our dreams, acting as if they are the only things that matter. We must do so, however, without compromising our morals. Otherwise we become estranged from virtue instead. It may not matter now but it will in the end, unless of course we fail to mature. If so, then all we care about is success and its lure.


  1. That's also what happens when people get stuck in a comfort zone...and for some its hard to break away from...

  2. So true, unfortunately, gotta fight it to overcome it...

  3. Exactly!! N even tho at times its tough, its always worth it in the end!