Tuesday, June 5, 2012


History is being offended because we use incentives that incite riot and sow discord, politically and morally, because our hearts are hard. Our eyes are also closed, at least to what matters most. So, we justify policies and practices with the skill of actors and actresses, as if no other options remain than those we frame in the language of our preference. In doing so, we insult wisdom’s benevolence, which would act as a guide if we acknowledged our guile. Thus far, however, we prefer to be clever, conceited and clandestine, acting in darkness where the Light doesn’t shine. Even so, the time is coming when we will be running to and fro seeking to know the way of wisdom. First, though, we must experience the consequences of our decisions. Meanwhile a company is being prepared with whom wisdom has shared its intent. These will expose and expound until Wisdom’s sound pierces and penetrates. Only then will our nation begin to be great. Currently, we have the potential but lack the essential –a commitment to values conventionally transcendent. If we do not heed, woe to our descendants!

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