Saturday, June 2, 2012


Can you endure the solitary confinement that comes with having a solitary assignment?

The price of greatness is often under-rated or deflated to make it seem as if achievers are lucky rather than laborers. In doing so, however, others maintain behaviors that defeat success and retards progress, making greatness impossible and themselves impervious to its requirements. No wonder so many are ignorant of its dynamics. Even so, the price of greatness can’t be lowered without being gored of the essential –diligence, drive, and determination. Without these we can’t please others or ourselves. Neither will we discover the wealth God hides deep inside every soul. Others, in contrast, understand its price but aren’t willing to sacrifice accordingly. Instead they feign cleverly their commitment while being inwardly resistant to its demands. They want the spoils but the lack the spunk and are thus sporadic instead. Characteristically, most by average are led. Yet there are a few who willing eschew compromise, doing what they must until they rise into the place their gifts lead. Some go slow and others embody speed. What matters, however, is that they get better until they blossom no matter what it costs them.


  1. Love this!!! A lot of us including myself just need to stop being lazy n get up n figure out our purpose so we can eventually find greatness. Gotta take a step forward. Love all ur posts!! They really make me think :)

  2. You are in route despite the wrecks along the way!

    1. Haha I hope so cuz i feel like I'm ready to take off lol