Saturday, June 23, 2012


The elite and the masses attend different classes, metaphorically speaking, politically especially. Hence, the difference in their dressing, especially intellectually. Thus their views are inevitably divergent because of the nature of their nurturing. This doesn’t mean that each is fated to cling to their respective perspectives. Yet conciliation begins when each lends a willing ear to better understand the other’s fear, which is the basic root of division and all other antagonisms. Yet the less they talk the more they balk at values and views that serve as fuses to inflame dissent. Even then, however, the masses are meant for better. Yet better can only be achieved when they come together under the banner of their common humanity rather than maintaining the insanity of class, color and other codes that keep them at opposite poles, morally especially. In fact in this climate morality is messy and suggestive of world views that only serve to light the fuse until tempers flare and truth ceases to care for the soul. At least that’s how it seems when things explode. Plainly speaking, democracy is wreaking with an odor that disrupts the order its ideals are intended to bring; likewise the dignity it is designed to promote beyond the fact that citizens vote. What good is the ballot when we sell ourselves for the carrot discretely dangled before our eyes? How in this climate can citizens rise even as democracy supplies the means of social reform? It isn’t, however, a reductionist question of either/or because nature is generous when we confess our faults and acknowledge the fears that incite the division which today smears democratic garments all because our arguments are intended to defend the narrow ends for which we aim. Some even do so in God’s name!

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