Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It’s difficult for ages to transition through certain stages because something about their method leaves them stunted, blunted and unresponsive. So, they toy with ideas and make appeals that appease our lower nature, indifferent to its effect on morals, manners and culture. Architects succeed because they weave their webs through entertainment.
Thus citizens are less likely to indulge complaining. So whether it’s Lady Gaga or the contemporary obsession with being a star we fail to realize just how far we are falling because we are stalling in our duty to restore as truly as we can conditions that are fit for rational women and men. Meanwhile politics depletes and politicians defeat the aims of ethics though they are assigned to protect it.
Tis from this dimension wherein our positions should be erect, morally speaking, because politicians shouldn't be merely seeking to protect the interests of their constituents.  Yet critics of the system are mistreated and issued reprimands because they stand opposed to what everyone instinctively knows is too sinful to be tenable. Yet even sin and its concepts are of no help in this new age. We agree instead by silent consent to live until life is spent, preventing commonsense from making a dent in our depravity, eroding in route social stability.

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