Wednesday, July 18, 2012


When we consider the people and the events that have influenced our lives we are apt to become angry, especially if they disparaged our vision. Unfortunately, we must fight repeatedly to reverse the unjust judgments rendered by our contemporaries and our circumstances. This fight may begin with members of the clergy and end with our mentors in the classroom.
            Until these judgments are reversed we are often ridiculed. Not even the approval of Provide palliates because the vision was given to us, not to them. We are responsible for its fulfillment. If we do not fulfill it we will others will inevitably suffer. Of course the vision would be easier to fulfill with their support but we do not have it.
          This is an annoying reality. Others may applaud our ends but oppose our means. Thus our value sinks. Moreover, the favor they once gave freely is now given frugally. Even then they give it with the intention of changing our minds. Amid this dilemma we must decide whether to pursue it authentically or to pacify their opinions by changing it substantially.
           To choose the vision, however, is to choose enmity, insomnia and social insecurity. To choose the vision is to risk being branded aloof, unreasonable and an idealist. Choosing the vision means playing the protagonist and the antagonist together.
          Be assured, before it vindicates the vision will see each of us overwhelmed. To choose the vision is to be banished to the lonely isle of Patmos with the Apostle John or to be slain on your front lawn, as was Medger Evers. To choose the vision is to choose slander, scandal, scorn and a posthumous praise.

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