Friday, July 27, 2012


Greatness is invasive when it comes and bewildering when it runs from us.

          Do you know what it is to be caught in the draught of destiny, for it to summons you unsolicited down a path contorted and twisted? Yet you lack the willpower to resist it? Do you know what it is to feel as if you are owed because of what it showed and promised to shower you with if you would only take time to develop your gift? Have you ever sat for days pondering its maze, wondering how you got in and how you will emerge?
What moreover do you do when you are seized by its urge, which compels you to walk because your heart is stirred though your vision is blurred? How many nights have you been prone to fight with yourself, to question your sanity and health because you couldn’t let go though it was squeezing you to death? While others lose themselves in pleasures and pursuits easily obtained, how do you handle that sense of shame that comes because what they consider fun frustrates you?
          How often in your heart have you silently accused them of being lazy and yourself of being crazy because you wanted to live a life beyond amazing? Have you ever wondered why it yet lingers and digs its fingers into your pores until it makes sores on your soul? In doing so, you routinely make oaths and inevitably write odes, shaking your head because not even half has been told because no one wants to listen to someone imprisoned by what they are free from. So much that even yourself you often shun, even as you wonder, “God, what have I done!”

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  1. So many questions and not enough answers...makes you think!