Monday, July 2, 2012


          Due to uncritical fiscal restraints, the Department of Complexity and Commonsense has now been combined and condensed with the appropriate personnel being inappropriately reassigned. Thus, the head of the former is now weaker in resolve; whereas the ego of the latter no longer needs to be soothed. Practically, this means that citizens are now free to follow protocols or if they are sufficiently creative (or idle) can conceive their own. Approval of course must be obtained through ambiguous channels. Know, however, in advance that there is no one to handle requests, suggestions or innovations. 
          Those whom this approach repulses may appeal to the senior most station where all key staff have now been reduced to less than half. Of those that remain the decision was made to retain all but the most competent. Doing so was essential to gaining agreement on the achievement the alliance of these two giants represent. Technically, though, neither society nor its institutions have ever been ruled by commonsense. Still, with all due regard things shouldn‘t be as hard as they were before to have grievances deftly ignored. In fact, those concerns that reflect the utmost complexity will now be decided  irrationally and haphazardly.
          So, there is no need for grievances to be submitted because the inappropriate staff has already committed to solutions a priori, yet another benefit of the departmental tie. Yet the simplest concerns will now be subject to a vote by the Supine Court and Appellate Council. Their process for deciding is designed to censor all but the most unavoidable of concerns, which should also reflect the utmost significance. Upon receipt, these will eventually be referred to the Committee of Indifference.
          The same process holds for complaints due again to uncritical fiscal restraints. We, the Ruling Council, believe that these procedures will hasten the advent of social amnesia until citizens forget what it means to live in a society regulated by piety and concern for human souls. Of course, this depiction refers to democracies of old, as they have come down to us by what historians told in their banal annals which, thankfully, discourage emulation and duplication. Finally, anticipated savings from the Departmental merger will be diverted until they have dissappeared. After which, taxes will be raised in order to produce propaganda to further deceive citizens, for their own good of course.

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