Tuesday, August 14, 2012


          A normal life isn’t the type that leads to greatness. Normal in fact is its nemesis, especially during the genesis when Destiny decides who will ride success’ heights. Then while others sleep, we work through the night, often against our wills because of what Destiny wants to reveal to others to help them discover their own potential.
          The task is compounded because we lack credentials other than uncommon courage and desire indomitable, the combination of which makes us formidable. Characteristically formidable is fundamental to success. Without this we will wish rather than work as we should, especially when circumstances stifle. But that’s when we should reload our rifles, metaphorically speaking, and become even more determined to obtain what we are seeking.
          So many people, though, let circumstances make them fold. Yet these same souls will watch the Olympics and ignore the template for success that they illustrate because every contestant endured something adverse solely for the opportunity to become great. In failing, however, the passive enthrone normal and berate the banal; indifferent to how their indifference controls both the channel and the flow of their lives.
         Others assert that it’s too late because they don’t know how to become vicariously great by supporting others in their dreams. Even so, life has innumerable schemes and designs that can help us achieve what we have in mind. Yet the character of a normal life we must first be willing to decline. If we do this and diligently persist, our gifts will grow and our talents will eventually show themselves, taking us we know not wheres!


  1. This really opened up my eyes. I realized i do live very.normal partially because I'm almost afraid of failure and not knowing where or how to start, but I realized I just have to do it. I feel as if.I've had a breakthrough tonight. It's was very weird cuz for the first time I feel very at peace with the way things are and I love how they continue to look up more and more. And I didnt even go online to get on here. My finger just happened to hit the link n know it happened for a reason. Love this prophet!

  2. Just start by setting some small personal NOT parental goals. As you do this the mists will clear and do will the fear. Successful people succeed because they choose to believe in themselves even when they are scared. You have so much to offer; you just need the buffer of confidence to get going!