Thursday, August 2, 2012


         The grasp for greatness grows when someone previously unknown and unnamed emerges to achieve glory and fame. In doing so, each of us is reminded that we too can be blinded by its lights if we are willing to fight for our spot and to promote what we’ve got no matter how many times we are rejected and ridiculed. What matters is our commitment to rise and to rule. Yet so many people are simply unwilling to grapple until they are captained accordingly. These behave as if gifts are rare and as if they are afraid of “there,” the place that represents what they spend their time dreaming about. Meanwhile they watch as each season a new soul sprouts from the soil of toil until it triumphs. After which, they label these giants –perhaps. In reality, however, they aren’t giants but they are generous, ambitious and unwilling to be suspicious of greatness. So they chase this until they achieve it. If only we could get others to believe in it for themselves!

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