Wednesday, December 19, 2012


When companies close our eyes are opened to understand that our destiny is our responsibility.

     People get fired but problems don't get fixed. The problem isn't with the people but with a culture that is corrupt and corrosive. In this culture average consumes. People do their jobs but not their best. After awhile, crises reveals weakness. People are then layed off or fired in an effort to counter. Companies pursue this course daily, as if dismissing people will help them to recover. It's foolish, however, for them to indulge average over time and then demand greatness over-night.
     People seldom change that fast. Even if they did space must be allotted to defray the effects of average. The market must also have time to adjust. Meanwhile employees will suffer because management didn't demand excellence from the outset. Such is the cycle in the contemporary world of work. If workers don't demand greatness of themselves, managment will. By then, however, money is tight and crises imminent. Then firings are proposed and lay-offs are certain. Unfortunately, this is the only way some companies know how to manage average. Doing so doesn't fix the problem but it does reveal the plight facing today's workforce.


  1. So very true! Glad to FINALLY be able to read a writing from you! I've missed them!

  2. I'm glad you ladies are well! Joel