Saturday, January 24, 2009


Perfection is the proper arrangement of matter.

All the late night wishes and midnight curses won't make success come any faster. You can mourn your fate and mimic the famous but in the end it still doesn't matter, because success is nothing but suffering. If you want to experience uncommon success, you must endure extraordinary suffering.

Everyone doesn't but you do. Otherwise you would have succeeded already. Review your history; doesn't it prove it? Isn't it filled with unlikely defeat? If it were anyone else, he would've won. (That's what you said). But not you, your luck in fact routinely fails.

So what, keep going! You had to see now what you didn't then. Success is nothing but suffering. It's not about indulging your fantasies or delighting your friends. True success means being a servant. Otherwise it's just a visa into vanity and creative vice. We have enough of these successes.

A new standard is needed. Therefore a new student was instructed. You are that person. Have you ever considered such? Have you ever wondered why it's taken you so long to achieve so little? It wasn't bad luck that beleagured but the need to know the truth. Success means being a servant. Now that you know this your passion will prosper.

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