Friday, February 17, 2017

Sensing Destiny...

A sense of destiny is the sweetest aroma. 

I’ve always had an overwhelming sense of destiny. In fact, I don’t know how it feels to live without this sense. It makes all of my decisions, the bad ones aside, which this sense assures me aren’t mine. It assures me rather that it will gather these to garrison me until I am fit for what it envisions.

It’s hard to explain this sense to others, to myself routinely. Yet I am keenly aware of its presence. I’m also beholden to its lessons. In fact, I would’ve spurned all that I’ve learned had I not learned to believe in this. Believing is hard routinely and impossible occasionally. Then, I tell myself, “Joel, you’re crazy.”  

Despite my assessments, I still wear destiny’s vestments, however invisible they are to others. Still, I can’t help but wonder about the bumbles and the brambles, the hunger and the stammers, the inability to answer for my choices. Meanwhile others are being promoted; some are retiring. I, however, am still desiring the fulfillment of what is most appealing about destiny. What this is differs for each based on their range and reach.

In this regard, destiny transcends our search for fulfillment. It does so to raise our ceiling until we cease to expect and let God do what He desires. The process stills yet stirs our fires. So much until, part of us feels frozen; the other chosen. We eventually learn, however, that we are beholden. Else we would achieve what cheats us of God’s will for our lives. What this is fulfills immeasurably because it represents our true destiny. We err when we pair destiny with destination.

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