Monday, October 29, 2012



We must push despite the pain that punishes.

     I just glanced at all my books and degrees and a sense of being defective came over me because I have yet to achieve the thing for which my heart bleeds. It was insulting because I've been seeking since adolescence to be a presence in life. Thus far, though, no one knows I'm here. Sometimes I even doubt my own presence, at least until I experience resistance from being. Only then am I reminded that I am grounded herein, often to my chagrin.


  1. It's easy to see what your looking for yet *what is there that your may not be seeing? Although your heart has bled and still bleeds for all you feel you were created for want to become/ achieve, don't miss out the important impact you've had on people even though they majority (popularity) may not or does not see it!!

    When you doubt your own presence remember that you come to the problems and trials because you are doing something right. Life is easy for those who sit around and don't attempt to achieve anything other than "simply being". Struggles and opposition leads to disposition where in you decided to continue (or not) - even in chagrin, if your grounded it's better than not being so.