Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today there is much that remains in limbo, namely, where do we go from here. These concerns cause downturns in times of uncertainty and anxiety in times of incredulity, when we can’t believe the enormity of the challenges we face. Yet it is then that we must be brave and embrace with confidence what causes dissonance in our lives. Else we will seek to connive what should be confronted forthrightly however frightened we may be. Yet so many people consider themselves unequal to the threats they face and thus turn their face the other way. Characteristically, they lack the courage to be and the self-esteem indicative of maturity and the willingness to assume responsibility. They surrender to inevitability instead, as if what is is irreversible. In doing so, they exalt fate and double the weight they unwisely carry because they are wary of themselves.

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