Monday, November 2, 2009


Rightly indifferent, we are never in doubt about our dreams.

Some days pass imperceptibly. We strive to be productive but we are indifferent instead. During which, our minds wander without design or intent no matter how much we lament our waste. Scolding doesn’t help because we are in a web which everyone enters inevitably. Therein we are indifferent even to the lure of destiny. We claim to be fatigued yet we are often relieved because we can only carry so much. Thus nature uses the web to build us up. Then when we exit we have the perspective success requires, provided we are willing to be hired in destiny’s service. If so, our strength returns and we yearn more deeply than previously.


  1. Hey Prof. Bryant,

    I am wondering: how often should we fall into this 'web'? This metaphor makes sense to me. However, I think I return, maybe voluntarily, to this web too often. When I am released, I am motivated to walk in my destiny. Then, the next thing you know, I'm right back to being unproductive, even though I know I should be moving...Would you say this is just me thinking that I am not ready to walk? not wanting the added pressure of the pursuit? Tell me to suck it up! lol

  2. That's because time deceives when we don't achieve what we envision. The key is to commit ourselves beyond results. Doing so strengthens our resolve. Results follow as we practice diligence. (SUCK IT UP!)

  3. "to commit ourselves beyond results" sounds alot like stepping out on faith, wouldn't you say?

  4. Yes,that's all it is,