Friday, December 26, 2008


When we desire life designs accordingly, and supports appropriately our efforts.

No one exhorted Rembrandt as he labored to master the strokes of the brush. Thomas Edison had few fans in his efforts to develop the electric light. When Mary Wollstonecraft published "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" she was ridiculed. These achievers spent much of their lives in obscurity. While others played, they persevered.

Each failure nurtured success. Desire is the catalyst propelling ordinary souls toward extraordinary success. When combined with persistence, success is inevitable. In fact success is seldom realized without persistence. No amount of talent can replace it. If you aren't willing to persist success won't be yours. Ironically, persistence and obscurity overlap.

Today in some dark laboratory or on a dusty schoolyard tomorrow's champions are being chiseled, unknown today yet soon to explode on the scene of success. Know that the years you spend sacrificing will payoff. In life there are no wasted efforts. No one else needs to be aware of the time you spend improving your skills --God knows. He's there with you, applauding your determination. He knows that obscurity is the dressing room in which all achievers must change.

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